Georgeta David

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A strong Finance & Accounting professional with over 14 years of experience in the role of Finance Director for various companies in Romania, Georgeta is most representative for those who trust that it is always an opportunity to redesign your career and adapt to a different environment. Building on her training and experience as technical engineer, which led her to become a highly structured and organised person, with a strong “can do” attitude, Georgeta decided to re-orient her career in the area of Financial Management.

 In a very short term she became a highly esteemed member of the financial management community in Prahova, covering the Financial Director role in companies that operated a wide range of economic activities such as production, retail, import & export operations etc.

Georgeta is highly experienced also in managing operations with banks, in the majority of her previous roles being responsible for negotiating high level loans for investment projects.

Another area of expertise is managing investment projects funded with Structural Funds, her most recent project being in 2014 with multi-million EUR value.

Georgeta’s experience cover Financial and Management accounting, Taxation and Treasury Management, Budgeting, Planning & Reporting, Project Management, Transfer Pricing Management. Georgeta is also highly experienced in organising and restructuring organisations as well as streamlining the activity and designing best policies and procedures.

 As a leader Georgeta is recognised for her outstanding abilities to train and develop people, also putting a lot of emphasis on motivating people and enabling them to perform at their best.

In 2015 Georgeta joined EXIOR FINANCE in the role of Business Development Manager bringing with her a wide experience and the desire to contribute to the success of the company.